Green-Field SCM

Green-Field is South Africa’s leading software to manage your supply chain according to the PMFA and MFMA regulations. Green-Field records the steps in the chain from purchase requisition through to bid committees to contracting. Green-Field includes a secure self-service supplier registration portal.



National Treasury Central Supplier Database

Green-Field now supports full integration into Treasuries Central Supplier Database (CSD)

The Central Supplier Database maintains a database of organisations, institutions and individuals who can provide goods and services to government. The CSD will serve as the single source of key supplier information for organs of state from 01 April 2016 providing consolidated, accurate, up-to-date, complete and verified supplier information to procuring organs of state. Prospective suppliers interested in pursuing opportunities within the South African government are encouraged to self-register on the Central Supplier Database. This self-registration application represents an expression of interest from the supplier to conduct business with the South African government. Once submitted, your details will be assessed for inclusion on the Central Supplier Database. For more information about legislation and new regulations please check the CSD website.


Green-Field Integration Points

  • Registration. New and existing suppliers only need to supply their CSD and Unique registration numbers and Green-Field will automatically pull all the relevant supplier information from the CSD. This data includes but are not limited to: TAX details, owner information, contact details, BBBEE and relevant commodities
  • Supplier Status checking. Green-Field performs automated status checks at different stages in the procurement process. These stages include sourcing, award, order and payment. Typical data verified are, supplier Status, CIPC registration status, Restricted supplier / tender defaulters, TAX Status, BBBEE Contributor, government employee status and bank details verification.




  • Security: Roll based security.
  • Accessibility:  Green-Field is a web-based application so it can be accessed from anywhere from almost any operating system. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera are officially supported. Green-Field will work on most mobile phones and tablets.
  • Audit trails: Complete audit trails are available for all data changes.
  • Field level auditing. Audit logs can be customized to record field level changes.
  • Authentication: Green-fields supports Active Directory integration and forms authentication.
  • Searching: Advanced text-based searching allows users to easily search across all modules in the system. This includes requisition management, tender management and supplier management.
  • Pastel Evolution, Sage, Great Plains Dynamics, BAS, Jde, Solaris and SAP integration is supported.
  • Customizable dashboards.
  • Training system. Track and monitor training of users.
  • Automatic system maintenance.
  • Automatic fault reporting.
  • Document management and versioning.

Acquisition Management

Purchase requisition can be generated in Green-Field or your ERP system. PRs generally fall into one of five categories Against an existing valid contract Require at least three quotes Formal written price quotation process Full Tender Required Requisition not actually required as requirement can be met from Inventory The requisition is automatically routed to the correct process depending on the contract, stock level and purchase value

Tender Process

  • Electronically create and register tenders.
  • Full Digital Tender support.
  • Create dynamic and static workflows.
  • Online meeting support
    • Bid specification meetings
    • Bid evaluation meetings. Include online evaluations.
    • Bid awards meetings.
  • Business process automation relating to timeframes and business rules.
  • Tender info meeting and attendance register.
  • Electronic tender document collection and payment.
  • Record queries received and automatically send responses to all meeting attendees.
  • Facilitate committee and tender rating meeting.
  • Full CSD integration.
  • Fully supports digital tenders.

Vendor Portal


A portal for vendors to register as suppliers. All suppliers must be registered before they can submit a quote or bid. When a prospective supplier registers, the supplier must complete all the mandatory fields and supply all the compliance documents. When an unregistered supplier gets a tender document, the supplier is normally registered and asked to complete full registration online before submitting any bid. Vendors will be warned by email when certificates expire. Vendors that are not compliant with the regulations will not be listed as prospective suppliers, their bids can be automatically disqualified and buyers will not be able to put them on purchase requisitions

  • Web based portal allowing for supplier self-service.        
    • Supplier registration with full CSD integration.
    • Capturing supporting documentation and uploaded attachments.
    • Declaration of interest.
  • Supplier communication.
  • Responding to Tenders.
  • Responding to RFQ’s.
  • Capturing queries.
  • Notifications and warnings of expired certificates and CSD problems.
  • Uploading of supporting documentations MD 4 etc.
  • Bulk emailing.

MFMA and PMFA Complaint Electronic Procurement System

  • Supports Municipal and Public Finance Management Act regulations
  • Multi-Multidimensional workflow-based approvals process
  • Supports three Committee System for Tender
  • Includes a vendor Registration Portal with tax, B-BBEE certificate uploads
  • Automated tax status, director ID, company registration, state employee verification (real time dpsa integration) Purchasing functionality covers from purchase to requisition to contract
  • Muti-tier purchasing - quotes and formal written price quotation and full tenders

Contracts and Contract Performance


Contracts start with the award of a tender. A contract is created which links the supplier to the items or services for the contracted period. Relevant dates and prices are recorded. At the same time a contract performance template can be setup. Workflow email will prompt (project) managers to complete a pre-defined performance appraisal at regular intervals. All requisitions for items, services and works covered by the contract will be automatically routed to an in-force contract. This an up-to-date contracts register showing expiry dates totals awarded, committed and spend is always available

Supplier Management

  • Supplier registration with full CSD integrations
  • Customizable supplier registration forms.
  • Automatically notifies Suppliers of pending BEE and tax clearance certificate expiries.
  • Attach any number documents electronically to a supplier.
  • Fraud detection on supplier owners, registration and VAT numbers, phone, fax and address details.
  • Supplier Approvals.
  • Customisable workflows.
  • ERP system integration.
  • Automatic CSD status checks.
  • Supplier performance management.

Contract Management

  • Tracks and monitors supplier contracts.
  • Panel and normal contract support.
  • Contract Performance management and evaluation.
  • Requisition contract integration.
  • Tracking contract expenditure.
  • Tracking expiries.
  • Contract Rotation.
  • Notifications.
  • Tasks and notes.
  • Assessment reports.
  • Expenditure linked to inventory items.

Compliance Checking


A comprehensive electronic compliance check is done depending on the availability of data and services

  • Directors and shareholders IDs
  • Central, provincial or municipal employee
  • Company registration and VAT registrations
  • Current TAX certificate Not on
  • National Treasury's restricted supplier list
  • Specific construction company CIDB registration

Demand Management


Demand management is the first element of the Supply Chain Management function. Through this function, the system is able to ensure that the resources required to fulfil the needs identified through the Departmental Business Plans are delivered at the right time. This includes –

  • Departmental Procurement Plans
  • There is a workflow to ensure plan approval and submission.
  • It integrates to IDP (CAPEX)
  • Operational expenditure (OPEX)
  • Tshepo 10 000

Through this system, Departments will be able to capture their procurement plans which then roll up into the organisational demand plan managing expenditure. Demand Management fully integrates into all aspects of procurement processes allowing for easy and accurate reporting


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